A bit about me

Simona-Diana Saptebani

My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best as I can. ~Cary Grant

I was raised as an independent child and I've made all the big decisions in life by myself. My first big decision was to follow a humanistic education focused on linguistics, art and history (high school). I chose this education because I was enjoying very much to read and learn foreign languages.

I've continued my education with a Bachelor in Engineering, Industrial Management Engineering. The decision came as an act of curiosity. I couldn’t see myself as a librarian or a language teacher and I've chose the career that sounded more appealing to me. Frankly, it was extremely hard. I was the only student with a humanistic background in the entire program but I was determined, I worked hard and I managed to be a top student. Looking back, I admire my courage and determination and I believe that I still keep some of that attitude, that nothing is impossible if you work hard and never give up.

I’ve enrolled to numerous entrepreneurship activities and competitions as extracurricular activities. These experiences made me realize that marketing knowledge was something that I was lacking, I felt attracted to this subject and I’ve decided to pursue it. I’ve moved to Denmark to study International Marketing to which I became very passionate.

I think that our choices and education shape our personality and way of thinking. I still love to read a good book that makes you reflect about different things in life and about life itself. I also love speaking Spanish or learning a new language. I am not scared of learning new things and I still have the courage to start from scratch something totally new no matter how difficult it might seem.

Personal Details

Simona - Diana Saptebani
Date of birth:
October 16, 1987
Country of Residence:
Costa Rica


There are many things I enjoy doing other than marketing.
I like travelling, reading, swimming, watching movies and riding my bike. I also like:

  • Crafting hand-made jewellery
  • Cooking and baking bread and cakes
  • Plants and gardening

Random facts about me

  • I was playing in the school's handball team.
  • I was very close to my grandmother.
  • When I was a child I wanted to become a stewardess so I could travel all the time.
  • When I read a good book, I don't put it down until I finish reading it.
  • As a student I had different part-time jobs. I was working as a cashier, waiter, bartender and kitchen assistant.
  • I have an general food hygiene certificate and a first aid certificate.

Funny facts about me

  • When I was 4, I used to pretend that I know to read
    I knew by hearth all the short poetries from a children book that my mother used to read me. One day, when my uncle came to visit us I was holding the book and I pretended that I can read. He was amazed by how smart I am until my parents debunked me.
  • I have a funny surname
    Saptebani means Seven Money (Sapte = Seven Bani = Money). It represents the nickname of a Romanian haiduc . The 'haiducs' were persons (heroes), that were living in the mountains in Romania as anonymous, who stole goods from the rich and gave to the poor while defying unjust laws and authority, a sort of Robin Hood. I am very proud of my name and whenever I have the chance I fight for a good cause as a true haiduc!