I found her to be hard working, highly systematic, productive, and a fast learner. Simona’s work on the problem sets demonstrated careful attention to detail and she is a perfect example of a student who showed strong academic abilities, by applying her theoretical knowledge in her research.

Overall I experienced her as an engaged and well performing student who always delivered great results.

-- Andrea Iacob, International Business Centre, Aalborg University

Simona is an outsatnding team member who on a daily basis goes above and beyound her task and continuisly excedes the performance standard for her position.

Thoreo is a feverish environment that presents many competing demands on the staff being a startup. Simona remains steadfast in calmness and undependently.She has demonstrated excelente managerial and decision making skills. An extremely positive and efficient employee who performs her duties in a timely and concious manner.

-- Paula Coimbra, Co-founder Thoreo